Rules of Procedure for business management of classicphil GmbH

General Information
Matthias Fukac was appointed as general manager by himself as he is the sole shareholder of the company.

Terms- and auction conditions
The general auction conditions, delivery conditions and tariff guideline are made public on our website:
In addition the auction conditions as well as the tariff guideline will be published or enclosed in the current auction catalogue and deposited in the auction rooms.

Responsibility and signature
Matthias Fukac assumes the sole decision-making authority in order to run a successfull business. He is the sole authorized signatory. In dealings in which there could arise conflicts of interest between the company and Matthias Fukac, a witness who is not particulary close to Mr. Fukac will also sign the contract.

Concerning liability claims of classicphil GmbH against the general manager Matthias Fukac the relevant terms of law referred to the GmbH legal regulations will be applied.

Date of validity
These rules of procedure are valid as of 22th of August 2022.

Vienna, 22.08.2022

Matthias Fukac, general manager of classicphil GmbH

The original german version is the only legally binding version.



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